Relational Processing Groups
for Parents, Tweens, & Teens

So what is Relational Processing?

In a safe & welcoming space, you get to be really heard, known, and understood through skilled listening.

There is a healing magic to really being listened to without having anyone trying to fix or change you. People often express feeling like they were able to empty and get to deeper currents they didn't realize they were carrying through being heard in this way.

This technique of listening supports the processing and integration of whatever is in your present moment.

Authentic relational practices are all about just getting your world advice and judgment-free.

Why would someone want to do this?

The power of being really listened to by others - is powerful.

The impact of being heard in this way isn't meant to be therapeutic, but it often has that effect. Having safe, authentic connection even once in a while can have an effect that ripples out to the rest of your life.

In these groups, you'll get:

  • Relational Practices to feel deeply seen, heard, and understood.
  • Authentic communication skills to learn how to connect with others more easily.
  • Meeting and connecting with others who also want some support in figuring out how to human with more ease.
  • Emotional Regulation technique (EFT) - to ease emotional stress & anxiety

Experience it for yourself!
Currently only Parent Groups

Free Online Workshop

12 - 13yrs, 14 - 15yrs, 16 - 18yrs, and Parents

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For Tweens & Teens - Being human can be a confusing and overwhelming:

Here's what you get:

  • First of all, EVERYONE goes through some version of social drama and overwhelm. You get to meet other students who are going through similar things. It's really helpful to not feel alone through tough times.
  • Understanding how to communicate to others - in a way that's fun and easier.
  • Developing a relationship to yourself that's WAY more compassionate and accepting.
  • Learn a simple, gentle technique to ease emotional stress or overwhelm.
  • Learn about emotions so you're not always confused when social dramas pop up.
  • Learn how to create close and authentic friendships.

Is this for me?

All humans want to feel heard, understood, belonging, and acceptance in their world (whether they're conscious of it or not).

You'll feel that available to you through experiential authentic relating exercises, group activities where you get to be seen, understood, and heard, and learn basics of EFT tapping to ease overwhelming feelings that arise in life.    

We make it fun, welcoming, and safe from the beginning because teens can be in a vulnerable place or might expect it “to suck” because your parents could be encouraging you to come.

These groups, very quickly, help you better understand yourself… as well as other teens...and humans in general.

12 - 14yrs, Middle School
14 - 15yrs, High School
16 – 18yrs High School


Here's what you get:
Free 45-75min groups where you'll be engaged in fun Authentic Relating Games with Awareness Practices & Emotional Freedom Techniques to ease emotions woven in.
There's a little bit of teaching, but most is experiential and fun.

Can my kid just try out the group to see if they'll like it?
Yes. These aren't support or therapy groups. It's a fun and engaging way to learn how to human with more support and ease. They join if they want to and nothing is forced.
No one is pressured to stay if they don't like it.
They have choice.

What work do we do outside of sessions?
- We'll be inviting y'all to try some light practices.

What about COVID?
- In Person Groups won't be held until after the pandemic...or until it's warm outside and spaced out for safety, so we can remove our masks out there if we feel comfortable.
- If you're in an online course then of course there's no issue.

- If you exhibit any symptoms please communicate and do not attend the in-person groups.

Refunds & Cancellations
- For the Longer 4-week Course (TBD later) - If your child doesn't like it and doesn't want to continue after the 1st class you can get 100% refund.
After that, the refunds are prorated based on how many groups have been attended.


Cat Gelinas

Cat is a former Teacher of Middle & High school students, and now a Certified Development Coach, Trauma-Informed EFT Practitioner, and Relational Processing Facilitator.
She worked with teens for 11yrs and since 2016 has been working with adults professionally.

She currently facilitates authentic relating classes to teach people how to human with more choice, fun, and ease which supports her mission to bring experiential thriving to people.

As a Mother of her own Teen, she realized that these skills would greatly support and ease the pains that kids face and give them tools. After hearing many adults say they wished they'd had these tools as teens...well, here we are.   : )


Marilys Lacroix-Samson

Marilys has been working with kids and teenagers since 2000. She worked as a camp counselor and figure-skating coach, then taught gymnastics, snowboarding and for the last decade focused on kiteboarding. 

She more recently added to her leadership expertise the practice of authentic relating, circling and other modalities which highly support her passions in the development of awareness, empowerment, self acceptance, and communication skills.  These skills have supported her values in life of meaningful connection, a sense of belonging, and ease in life. 

Remembering her experience of being bullied as a teenager and experiencing difficulties within family relationships, she strongly believes that if these modalities and skills are taught to teenagers, it will highly support them in finding more ease through this challenging period of their lives as they are building their identity.